My Weightloss Story

I was a depressed, lonely, sad stay at home mom with an infant and a toddler at home. Many times, I didn't make it through the day without thinking of suicide at least one time. I was miserable in my skin and in my head. My marriage was struggling, I was sleep deprived, and lived in the middle of nowhere and post-partum depression was consuming me. 
          It was during one of these especially low points, when I literally had a bottle of sleeping pills in hand that I said that I couldn't continue living like this and I couldn't continue to cry and be sad around my children. When your 2 year old spends more time consoling you than you do consoling him, there's a serious problem. I called my doctor and said, "Help me."

          I was placed on an anti-depressant which made it difficult to lose weight. So, I went on a diet pill, that made me even moodier and not want to eat. I lost weight at first, but after three months, I plateaued with a 18 lb loss. I was still over 200 lbs. I was devastated. My depression had improved, but if I wanted to continue to improve myself, I had to come off of the anti-depressant and the diet pills. I ditched the diet pills and asked my husband (a pharmacist) how to titrate myself down and off of the anti-depressant - he wasn't sure about my coming off of them, but was supportive. In the meantime, I looked for natural alternatives. I came across Shakeology and found many had seen improvement with their depression, as well as, some weight loss with this shake. I decided to try it.

          My first month on Shakeology - just Shakeology, no other changes (as I came off of the anti-depressant) - I lost 7 lbs. I had not changed my eating or started exercising, just added Shakeology once per day. I was sold. I looked up more information on the programs that Beachbody offered and after much research, I decided to purchase ChaLEAN Extreme. My mood and energy continued to improve with Shakeology and as soon as I added in ChaLEAN, I began seeing true fat loss. I lost 60 lbs in 2 full rounds (6 months) of ChaLEAN Extreme and Shakeology, along with improving my diet all along the 6 months.

         All told, with the diet pills and then Shakeology and ChaLEAN Extreme, I have lost 85 lbs and found myself again. I started from a dark place and came out the other side in the light. During this time, I really dug into my walk with Christ - when I would get discouraged because I didn't hit a goal that I had set, I was reminded that in HIS time, things would come...and I was never disappointed.

        Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have experienced post partum depression or are struggling with you weight loss, shoot me a message! - I would love to help you!



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