Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Transformation Tuesday: Marciel M.

Transformation Tuesday - Marciel M.
(in her own words)

"Before I started TurboFire, I was depressed, lonely and defeated. Ever since elementary school, I was teased for being fat. In fact, I heard it so much, I just stopped caring. I felt like there was nothing left for me to do except accept that I was fat and live the way I was living—eating fast food, lounging around and doing nothing.

But when I developed sleep apnea, weighed in at 253 pounds, and my doctors said I was morbidly obese, that’s when I knew I had to do something. I knew I didn’t want to take blood pressure medication for the rest of my life. And when my doctors tried to get me on a diet program that would cost $3,000 a month, I knew I could do better.

So I found a Beachbody Coach and started doing TurboFire. TurboFire was awesome. To my surprise, it was actually fun. I mean, it was hard, but I loved the energy Chalene gave me. Plus, I also got the best spot in the class. So I kept going.

And every time I felt like giving up, my Coach, Kelli helped me fight through every bump I came across. She gave me the accountability I needed. Thanks to her, I made it through—and lost over 100 pounds. I used to wear XXX-Large t-shirts and now I wear a small!!! I went from size 18 pants, and now I’m down to a size 7.

I don’t have sleep apnea any more—and I’ve stopped taking my blood pressure medication!

My life has changed so much. I’m much more positive. I love my life. I love fitness. And I’ve become a religious user of Beachbody products. I believe the combination of Shakeology, TurboFire, LES MILLS PUMP, INSANITY, and ChaLEAN Extreme helped me get rid of all the health problems I had.

Shakeology helped my digestion, stopped my cravings, curbed my appetite, and gives me so much energy. As a student with very little extra time, it’s a real Godsend. But then again, so is my Coach. Without her support and her accountability, I don’t know if I would have been able to transform my life. When I started my journey, she asked me to define my goals, then worked with me to make sure I didn’t give up.

Now that I’ve reached them, I couldn’t be happier—or more thankful."

If you need the type of support and encouragement that Marciel got from her coach, please feel free to email me at cgranberrytaylor@gmail.com -- I would love to help you!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Program Spotlight: Focus T25

So, you may or may not have heard of this incredible program, since it is BRAND SPANKIN' NEW!  But, this program is going to revolutionize getting fit. It's the EXCUSE-BUSTING workout program that people have been seeking. No more hour long workout sessions for you, because you are going to have FOCUS T25.
Focus T25 is the latest collaboration from Shaun T (of Insanity fame) and Beachbody, LLC...the world leader in at-home fitness programs. The program was born of Beachbody founder, Carl Daikeler's, need for a shorter workout so that he could spend more time with his kids in the mornings. It's roots are in Shaun T's Insanity Fast and Furious 20 minute workout. So, read on to find out more about this awesome program!


  • Every workout in this program is 25 minutes.
  • The schedule for the program is 5 days per week for Monday-Friday.
  • You do a different workout each day of the week.
  • The entire program is 10 weeks long with two phases which are each 5 weeks
  • The Alpha Phase is the first phase which is 5 weeks. There is no equipment, no weights, and it’s a progressive workout where the focus is on getting the correct form. Shaun T described it as “Gym Class 101″. So, regardless of your current fitness level, you can do this!
  • The Beta Phase is the second phase which is also 5 weeks. This is where you ramp it up a notch and use what you learned in the first phase to work hard. This phase is all about strengthening your core.
  • There is an optional Gamma Phase that can be purchased separately as an add-on which is where he starts to incorporate weights.
  • This workout is awesome for both men and women. If the program is too intense, you can always follow the modifier named Tania who does a lower-impact version of all of the moves.

What does Focus T25 include?

  • 11 Workouts on 9 DVDs that are each exactly 25 minutes
  • 10-Week Schedule for the Alpha and Beta Phases showing you which workout to do each day
  • Red resistance bands which you’ll use in the Beta phase
  • 5-day Quick-start Guide including a workout schedule and menu plan
  • T25 ‘Get it Done’ Nutrition Guide with recipes and meal plans
  • BONUS – If you order through a coach like me, you’ll also get the “Core Speed” bonus DVD.
  • Info on how to get a FREE “T25 – Nailed It!” T-shirt from Beachbody.
  • With the Challenge Pack, you’ll also get a 30-day supply of Shakeology in your choice of flavor: Chocolate, Vegan Chocolate, Vegan Tropical Strawberry, Greenberry or the NEW Vanilla flavor.
  • And, you get ME as your coach to support you through the program.

Focus T25 Schedules for the Alpha and Beta Phases

Here are the 5- Week Schedules for the Alpha and Beta phases. You’ll workout Monday-Friday, take your measurements on Saturday, and Stretch on Sunday.

If you are interested in learning more about the program and how YOU can purchase it, please feel free to shoot me an email at cgranberrytaylor@gmail.com or head over to http://www.beachbodycoach.com/cgtaylor85 and have a look around!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Transformation Tuesday : Jeffrey H.

Meet Jeffrey H., he's a big inspiration to me and should be to you, too.

     Want to know how to balloon up to 385 pounds by age 35? Grow up gorging on all the junk food your mom hid (but not very well) and become the fattest kid in class who gets picked on every day of his life. Then move into adulthood and choose a job that keeps you on the road for 10 to 14 hours a day, eat TWO Mickey D’s Steak, Egg & Cheese bagel sandwiches and a LARGE soda, or a chocolate brownie Pop-Tart every morning for breakfast, then chase it with more fast food at lunch.

     Want to know I lost 130 lbs. in 18 months and changed my life forever? It all started when my dad shocked the heck out of me when he said he’s surprised that I made it to my 35th birthday because he always thought I’d die early due to my unhealthy lifestyle. And the clincher was when my size 48 shorts and my 5XL t-shirts were getting tight on me. If those two things aren’t inspiration to change, nothing is. So how’d I do it? With two rounds of P90X, one round of INSANITY, one round of INSANITY/P90X hybrid, two rounds of Asylum, and a whole lot of Shakeology. So why did I start with P90X? Because a friend of mine was doing the program and was getting great results—and I thought if he can do it, so can I. So I did it. It took a while. But I did it!!!

     Like everyone always says, the workouts were only part of the transformation process. Revamping my diet was the other. And boy was that hard. Thankfully I had Shakeology, which was great because it helped so much with getting the correct nutrition in my body every single day. Before Shakeology, I was diagnosed as a pre-diabetic, but after drinking Shakeology for 2 ½ years, I’m finally a “normal person” and am not on any medications.

     Since my journey began in August 2010, my life has changed in so many ways. Now I have so much energy it’s not even funny. I'm doing things I never imagined I’d ever do in my life, like running 5 and 10K’s, and doing The Warrior Dash. My shoulders are more defined, my legs are skinnier, I’m seeing muscles I didn’t even know I had, and I’m starting to see the excess skin on my belly shrink back into itself.

     When I first started my journey, I was popping 10 prescription pills a day. I was taking 3 blood pressure pills, 2 cholesterol pills, a painkiller, a bladder pill, a sleeping pill, an anti-depression pill, and a heart pill! Today, I’m proud to say that I’m on ZERO meds. ZEEEERRRRRRROOOOOOO!!!!!!!

     Right now I’m doing LES MILLS PUMP and am continuing to lose weight. So far I’ve lost 54 inches off my body and 26% body fat. The old me wore a size 50 pant, but today I wear a 34 and those are getting big on me! My starting weight was 385 lbs., today I weigh in at 225—that’s a 160-pound difference. I haven’t been this weight since middle school, and that was 20 years ago. Never in my life have I had so much energy; even as a kid I didn’t have this kind of energy. It’s absolutely amazing! Thank you Beachbody. Because of you, I get to celebrate many more birthdays.

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