Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Flabby Mom to FIT Mom: Surviving Hormonal Imbalance

Phew!  Well, that was quite the break from blogging, huh?  I've had a lot going on since I last wrote on here so I'll fill you in quickly...

So, you see those photos up there?  Well, I don't really look JUST like that see, 2015 wasn't exactly *kind* to me...

Following my hysterectomy, things were going really well until I hit a wall at 6 months post-op. I was still doing all of the right things, doing the 21 Day Fix workouts, following the eating plan, adding in extra cardio 2-3 times per week to help really shed fat...but, instead of losing, I started gaining in a BIG way.

For the whole of 2015 - I put on 45 pounds...45 of the total of 90 lbs that I had lost since having my second son in May of 2011. I was devastated, frustrated, ashamed, guilty, you name it, and I had felt that way at some point about the weight gain. The most prevalent feeling was frustration though. I was doing ALL of the right things, WHY IN THE WORLD was I gaining weight?!

Finally, in October 2015, I sought out the help of a bio-identical hormone therapy specialist. She ordered an insane amount of bloodwork. (That, if I'm being real here, I'm still paying for. CHECK YOUR INSURANCE to make sure these types of tests are covered. They don't believe that pre-menopause and menopause should be treated.) She tested my reproductive hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testesterone), my adrenal hormones (DHEA, pregnenolone), and my thyroid (T3, T4, Reverse T3, and TSH). Since I had my uterus removed, we knew that the progesterone would be non-existent - what we didn't expect was for my estrogen to be SO HIGH and testesterone to be SO LOW. I was estrogen dominant - which can cause extreme weight gain, as well as, make it difficult to lose. What we also found was that my DHEA and pregnenolone were that of an 85-90 year old and that my Reverse T3 was off the charts...from STRESS.

I was started on a thyroid supplement (Cytomel), as well as, progesterone, a low dose of testesterone, as well as, DHEA and pregnenolone. I started these at the end of November and it took a good 8 weeks before I started to FEEL better - having more energy, a sex drive (thank GOD!), and started to notice the scale creeping back down, instead of UP.

It's been a long road back to feeling like myself, but here I am, 38 lbs of the 45 gone - and feeling MUCH BETTER!  Check it out -- the aqua dress photos...the before was taken on January 9, 2016 - the after on March 18, 2016. That was after I had lost 30 lbs. The bottom photo was taken on April 17, 2016. 36 lbs lost in that one and wearing a BIKINI!  Something that I never expected to be able to do again!


So, in closing, you CAN get your body back after a baby (or two, or four, or eight...), after a hysterectomy, and after a devastating hormonal imbalance. Seek ANSWERS - seek support - find others going through the same journey and love on them!  You can do this!

(NOTE: I am still drinking Shakeology daily, following the 21 Day Fix eating plan - mainly with a Paleo/AIP Paleo leaning, and working out daily - I switch between doing crossfit and 22 Minute Hard Corps for workouts currently. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me at!) 

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