Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Waistline Wednesday: My 21 Day Fix Results!

Waistline Wednesday: 21 Day Fix Results and Review

So, I haven't posted in a while and for that I apologize. Life has gotten busy, busy and I was (for the most part) focused on getting my faith, family, and fitness in order. I had strayed from the things that keep me sane and had to find my way back. I hope you all understand.
I started the 21 Day Fix program late last month in hopes of getting off a few pounds of fluff I had picked up along my wayward path. The program consists of learning proper portion control through a set of seven containers. The look smaller than they are. I was allowed 4 red containers, 3 green containers, 2 yellow containers, 2 purple containers, 1 blue container, and 1 orange container per day. If you follow me at Flabby Mom to Fit Mom on Facebook, you probably saw my food posts and the container count on the photos...but I'll give a sample of what my day consisted of here:
Breakfast: Strawberry Banana Shakeology - one purple/one red
Snack 1: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal with 2 eggs - one purple/one yellow/one red
Lunch: Hamburger Patty with one slice of cheese, salsa, and steamed broccoli - one red/one blue/1 green
Supper: Large green salad with Italian vinaigrette and 7 grilled shrimp - one green/one orange/one red
Water: 10 - 8 oz. glasses
Workout: Total Body Cardio Fix
The program comes with two discs with 7 workouts and a bonus cardio disc - Plyo Fix. You do one workout EVERY DAY - not terrible since the workouts are only 30 minutes long. The third week, if you want to really ramp up results, you do two a days. (so total one hour - this was the option I chose) The workouts are a great combination of strength training and cardio. The balance of the two along with the incorporation of the portion control really allow you to see results quickly. The trainer was a motivator for me because she has the body I WANT.
Ready for ROUND TWO! Want to join me?? Purchase your 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack HERE and then apply for my next challenge group starting on  April 7th HERE! And, don't forget to friend me on Facebook HERE! 
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