Sunday, December 6, 2015

Looking for friends to choose grace with me...

Just doing a little reflection and thinking about my business with Beachbody, as a coach.
I've always known the level of success that could be achieved and that I *wanted* to achieve but I have yet to be able to reach. I'm not a top 10 coach, I'm not even a top 100 coach. I have made a really great income, but not six figures. (which is totally okay!) I haven't been able to reach my desired level of success, not because I haven't had the drive or surrounded myself with the right people...but because of my internal "fear of success".
I know you're thinking 'fear of success'? What? How can someone fear SUCCESS???
I was afraid of losing myself in this business, in the numbers and the constant of running a business. I was afraid of being tethered to my business, instead of living the freedom of time that I was pursuing (and have, personally, for the most part - but I also want it for Kevin, too.)
I have been too wrapped up in my fear to really see my success thus far. And, to see that when I slip up and get lost (because I will - I'm not perfect, by any means) that I can choose to give myself the gift of grace...and keep going.
I know my calling and that is to encourage, inspire, and equip other women - that are also entrepreneurs and moms and that share in my passion of health, fitness, and whole self wellness. I have been in the depths of depression, self-loathing, self-doubting, low self-esteem and self image. I have seen the darkness that can easily take over our lives when we allow that darkness to be all encompassing.
But, I have also been blessed to find an opportunity that has allowed me to live my calling, that helped 'save' me from myself, that helped give me a sense of purpose again, beyond being a mom and wife. It has allowed me to encourage, inspire, and equip other women. It has allowed me to live out my calling and marry it with my passion.
And, I want to help you do that same thing and to build a business from home that you can be proud of and live out your calling.
I am looking for 5 FRIENDS to join me on this journey in living out our passion and calling to help others live healthier, more fulfilling lives.
If you believe that you are missing the mark in living out your calling and believe that this opportunity may be for you, please fill out the application below. <3 

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