Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Transformation Tuesday: Jamie P. - A Slim In 6 Journey

Mom Jamie P. lost 35 lbs and 36 inches with Slim In 6! She did the program for 6 weeks, then continued on to do another round. Check out her amazing results and her inspirational story below.

My life was BUSY, FAST and CRAZY! Just like it is now, however I have made my health a priority! That is just short of a miracle for me! I have never been a workout person, always active and living life to it's fullest but never made time to focus on my core body strength and have always eaten anything and everything that my heart or cravings desired. After my 3rd child I was tipping the scale at around 200 pounds.... I continued to eat like I was a food eating champ and was not happy with my body, the way I felt physically or my emotional state of being embarrassed about my body. I knew I could change it, but was just was not willing to put out the effort, which in turn made me feel more weak and pathetic. I started to not want to go out publicly if I did not have to. It was easier to stay home than face the world looking the way I did. I was not proud of "letting myself go."

I realized that what I was doing was not working, and for the past almost decade I had been overweight. I was not getting any younger, and even though I wished it to come true, I was not going to wake up one morning and be myself again. I was screaming inside to get OUT! A friend of mine who I trusted was starting a 90-Day Challenge. She trusted HER friend who was a coach through Team Beachbody and that made me feel comfortable to GO FOR IT! 

I pledged the following: I am about to embark on the most awesome adventure! The best thing I can do for myself (and my family).... and that is transform my body into who I am... what I deserve, what they deserve... and what is inside of me screaming to get back out!!!! HEALTH, STRENGTH and BALANCE! A fitness and health challenge is taking charge of my life! Support me... watch me grow on the inside and lose on the outside.

I chose Slim in 6 because it was recommended to me by my Team Beachbody Coach. I researched many different programs and felt this program would be a good start for me. The 6 weeks sounds appealing and the short 30 minute workout was a HUGE plus as well. I had not been working out and was starting fresh.... this was something I felt I could handle.

I LOVE the short amount of time and the intense EFFECTIVE routine! It REALLY works! My waist shrunk the fastest- it was amazing to feel that change! I was like a butterfly going through a metamorphosis! Slim in 6 focuses on your core strength. One of my friends hugged me one day and stepped back and gasped... "Oh my gosh I can feel your arm muscles." It was the back of my arms from the resistance band workouts! I felt so amazing! I had not even noticed those new muscles until she said something! ; ) They say it takes 4 weeks to notice a difference yourself.... 8 weeks for close family and friends to notice and 12 weeks for the world to notice... I LIVED THAT! It's SO true! I feel amazing because I HAVE EARNED every bit of my transformation!

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