Sunday, July 7, 2013

House Hunting: Fun or Headache??

House Hunting...
Fun or total headache???
    If you know my family personally, you know that we've been house hunting...for what seems like forever. A lot of people that I spoken to think that the hunt is the most fun part about finding your forever home, others believe that it's a total headache. So far, I'm in between those extremes. We've found a few homes that we really love, now it's time to make the BIG decision! And, trust me, it is a huge decision -- my husband and I have very different design and décor ideas and to find more than one home that we both agree on incredible.
    Here is a shot of the outside of the two homes, what are YOUR thoughts? Which home would you choose if it were up to you and your family?  (Based on the exterior only...the interior of the homes are both very similar, one has a basement, one does not.) Let me hear YOUR opionions! 

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