Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tasty Thursday: Five Reasons to Love GARLIC!

Tasty Thursday

If I could eat EVERYTHING with garlic in it or on it, I would. BUT, then my husband and children might not come near me. Ha! I love garlic not only for the great flavor that it brings to different dishes, I love it for the health benefits, as well! 

Check them out!  

It keeps you looking and feeling good! Garlic helps your body detox by strengthening your liver. This means clearer skin, brighter eyes and a slimmer midsection!

Great for your heart! The most well known benefit of garlic is its ability to keep your cholesterol levels within healthy zones by contributing to better circulation.

Helps you relax! That’s right :) Garlic contains compounds that reduce stress by helping your muscles relax and your body wind down.

Give your Immune System a big boost! It’s a great source of antioxidants, selenium, manganese, and vitamin B6. This helps your body stay strong and healthy! It’s also known as a natural antibiotic that can help your body fight infections! Feeling under the weather? Add some extra garlic :)

It makes everything taste AWESOME! This versatile herb goes well with almost all savory dishes, especially Italian dishes. Add to dressings, dips, veggies, quinoa, brown rice, wraps, sandwiches… you name it!
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