Thursday, September 3, 2015

Flabby Mom to FIT Mom: 1 Year Post Hysterectomy Real Talk

This was super difficult to share with the world. I AM a health and fitness coach, but I couldn't get my own stuff together?!  I felt like a fraud and a failure, but fortunately, I have found the cause and there is light at the end of the tunnel. I hope you all will continue to be here, checking in, as I share my new challenges and this new journey.

From what I understand, hormone therapy is a whole different ball game and sometimes it is not fun. But, I honestly am ready for the challenge. These past six months have been akin to hell. I had begun to question myself, my knowledge, my ability to help others...all because of hormones - or lack thereof.

It's times to get myself back and help a whole new population of women that I previously had put on the back burner. Not necessarily because I wanted to, but because they couldn't relate to me personally. I am ready to embrace these women with open arms because Lord knows they are the only ones that understand what the heck I have been dealing with!

Please email me if you ever need someone to talk to or commiserate with!

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