Friday, April 17, 2015

Fitness Friday - 5 Tips to keep you on track!

  1. Step outside your comfort zone – we all have our favorite fitness activities. Maybe you love the stationary bike because it’s easier than running . (Who TRULY loves running, right?)  BUT, when you challenge your body to new and different things - that's when you see the changes you have been seeking!  Instead of doing recumbent bike several times per week, break it up with a brisk run in the great outdoors - you'll be challenging yourself and enjoying the pretty sweet scenery!
  2. Don’t ever do the same workout twice – If you get stuck on the same routine change up your reps, add little challenges like an exercise ball, use a resistance band instead of your dumbbells (trust me, you'll get a completely different workout!), or up your weights. Or, (if you're like me and workout at home) - pick a different video, hop on Pinterest or YouTube and find a quick, fun routine to break up your normal schedule!
  3. Plan ahead – Schedule out all your workouts for the week. If you take classes then write down and set alarms for your class times so you leave your house or work on time. If your going to the gym then plan your workout out for the day before you get there. If you're using a workout video, follow the calendar provided, but definitely write down the time that you will be completing your workout.
  4. Warm up! – Always start with a LITTLE cardio before jumping into a workout. It could be light knee lifts to get your heart rate up or at least five minutes running, spinning, jumping, any type of cardio.
  5. Once you reach your weight loss or health goal don’t just stop. Don’t just give up and slack off. This is when it’s crucial to set yourself a new goal. And, while that goal may not be weight loss, it may be to tone up more, set a personal best with your 5k or 10k, complete a marathon, swim to Cuba...just set a new goal! To maintain your results you need to keep eating healthy and add new challenges and workouts to keep from going back. Remember how hard it was to reach your initial goal so that you don’t fall back.

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