Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Heyyy Pregnant Ladies and Baby Mamas! I've got a program for YOU!

Hey Pregnant LADIES...& Baby Momma's!!!!
This one is AWESOME and all for YOU! heart emoticon
Check out this amazing new program exclusively available on BOD - that's Beachbody On Demand for those of you that don't know!
Autumn Calabrese creator of the 21 Day Fix & Fix Extreme and Co Creator of Hammer & Chisel (to be released this December) went back to her Maternity/Postpartum Workout ROOTS!
She started her personal training work early on helping moms have fit pregnancies & reliable postpartum routines that got their pre-baby bodies back in no time!
I know I am trusting my body with Autumn with the 21 Day Fix and would have loved to have had this at my fingertips a few years ago!
Message me for more info on how to get access to ‪#‎BOD‬ and Active Maternity. I mean come on...who wouldn't love a catalog of over 100 streaming workouts??? YES PLEASE!
Message Me at Flabby Mom to FIT Mom TODAY (or if you don't have Facebook, email me at candace.g.taylor@comcast.net) !! 

If you're ready to get started with BOD - use this link to get signed up and have me as your personal coach! ** #BOD Sign Up **
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