Monday, July 21, 2014

Week1/2 PiYo Results and 3Day Refresh Befores!

So, I totally missed posting all last week and for that I apologize. It was a crazy week! But, nonetheless, I am back now with a jam packed post for you all! Yay! 

First things first, my week 1 results from PiYo. I lost 3 lbs...I don't know how many inches because I only take those every 30 days. The photos in black, if you recall, we're from Day 1...the pink are from Day 8. I was pretty excited!

Now, onto my week 2 results...much less impressive and no weight lost. To be honest, I was a little disappointed, but considering I came out of the week without GAINING any weight (until Saturday...more on that later) I was pretty happy! So, back to Saturday, that's when SHE came to visit. Ya know, Aunt Flo. (Sorry guys! TMI!) Anyway, SHE brought 5 pounds of water weight with her, I'm feeling icky and squishy. So, I'm starting the 3 Day Refresh today! So excited! 

I'm weighing in this morning at 149...mind you, I was at 144, down three lbs from my first week. I'm being completely vulnerable and honest here. It is no picnic to admit that number. That means I'm now starting over from my starting weight plus two pounds because of that lovely visit. But, it's cool. I can tell from my pictures that everything is tightening up and slimming down. 

Speaking of tightening up and slimming down, are you looking for some extra accountability and support? Want to learn more about my next challenge group starting preseason on July 28th? Sign up here --->>> to learn more! I look forward to hearing from YOU! 

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