Tuesday, April 23, 2013

5 reasons why YOU should be drinking more water!

So, I know what you're thinking...you've heard this a hundred times before.  Well, let this time sink in. Your body is over 70% water and your brain is 90% water. That right there should tip you off to drink more water, but if that's not enough, here are FIVE important reasons why YOU should drink more water!
1. Promotes weight loss by removing fat by-products, acting as a natural appetite suppressant, and increasing your metabolism.
2. Helps keep you regular - water is essential for digestion and prevents constipation. Bye, bye belly bloat!
3. Relieves fatigue caused by dehydration and causes you to feel more alert and able to focus and concentrate better. Also relieves headaches caused brought on by dehydration. (since your BRAIN is 90% WATER...Remember?!)
4. Flushes out toxins and all of that cruddy stuff through your sweat and urine -- and improves your complexion by moisturizing from the inside and diminishing wrinkles!
5. Best of ALL - it's FREE!  So, it saves you some major cash when you decide to get some good ole tap water instead of your regular calorie and sugar loaded soda or sweet tea.
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