Sunday, April 14, 2013

How did you DO that?!

 When I first started losing weight and people started noticing, the question I got mostly was, "how are you doing it?"  When I would tell them that I was using Shakeology daily and doing an exercise video at home 5 to 6 times per week along with eating clean, they would then say that they couldn't possibly do THAT. This response never offended me because a lot of the people that told me this eventually began doing the same things that I had been doing and they began seeing RESULTS.

      I try to make it clear that in order to be successful at anything, you have to set goals and commit to those goals. Most of all, you have to set SMART goals.  The goal needs to be (S)pecific - not just 'I want to lose weight,' but 'I want to lose x number of pounds because I am prediabetic and if I don't take control of my health now, I'll be a diabetic.'  They also need to be (M)easureable. Assign that 'x' in the above statement a realistic number. Your goal also needs to be (A)ttainable, something you can see yourself achieving. They need to also be (R)elevant. See the above statement - WHY do you NEED to lose the weight?? Because you are prediabetic and if you keep gaining weight, you'll end up in a diabetic state. Last, they need to be (T)ime-bound.  When you set your goal, give yourself a realistic time frame to achieve your goal. For example, I want to lose 45 lbs, because I am pre-diabetic and don't want to become a diabetic. I WILL lose the 45 lbs. in 6 months or less.' Assign it a completion date to hold yourself accountable.

      By setting these types of goals, I achieved my initial weight loss goals. I have now set new goals to complete my health and fitness journey.  I'll share a few of those goals with you all.

  1.  I WILL complete Insanity by June 23, 2013 because I want to be able to give a firsthand account to my clients as to how difficult the program is and I just want to say that 'I DID IT!'. (Start date: April 29, 2013)
  2.  I WILL become TurboKick and Insanity certified (to TEACH!) by October 7, 2013 because it is my passion to help others find a workout that they love.(my 28th birthday)
  3.  I WILL reach 2-Star Diamond in my business by August 31, 2013, because that means that I have helped not only one, but TWO people on their road to improved fitness and financial status!
  4.  I WILL step outside of my comfort zone and INVITE more people to join me in working out and improving their health and fitness because we are facing a country-wide obesity epidemic and I want to be a part of the solution. (Ongoing)
  5. I WILL continue to GROW my relationship with the Lord in order to solidify my presence as my church's youth group leader because the kids there need a POSITIVE, UPLIFTING person to lead them in their personal relationship with God. (Ongoing)


      Those are just a few of my MANY goals. What are some of your goals?  Fitness related or otherwise?  If you need help in goal-setting, please feel free to shoot me an email at, I would love to be able to help you gain a laser focus on the things you need to set goals for!

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